BOUCLÈME - Curl Defining Gel
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BOUCLÈME - Curl Defining Gel

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Our best-selling moisturising gel defines curls with no flaking or tell-tale stickiness.

The serum-like consistency makes it effortless to apply.

It dries to create a soft cast around curls, holding your style and curl shape with a lasting medium hold.




Apply to soaking wet hair for best results


To boost volume:

Pour into palms and smooth over canopy.

Tip head forward and repeat underneath.

Scrunch and hold sections for a few seconds to encourage curls.

Apply more gel to ends where needed.

To control volume, elongate and prevent shrinkage (for medium or thick textures):

Rake gel through hair in sections, distributing evenly.

To style:

Avoid touching hair until completely dry to prevent ruffling and flyaways

Once dry, tip head forward and scrunch to break the cast.